Newson Gale Earth Rite MGV System with Portable Grounding Kit and Hose Continuity Tester.

Static Grounding Device
Static Grounding Device

The Newson Gale Earth Rite MGV (Mobile Ground Verification) system is a unique & innovative patented system in the field of static earthing protection system for vacuum trucks. The technology enables the operator to recognize the build-up of static charges on trucks and equipments such as hoses that are connected to trucks while loading or unloading of flammable/combustible products.

Static charge buildup is common when transferring products in or out of the truck, these charged tend to discharge at the earliest opportunity.

IEC 60079-32-1 , 8.8.4”Vacuum Trucks” states:

Vacuum trucks should be connected to a designated site earth before commencing any operations. In areas where site earths are not present, i.e. where portable earthing rods are required, or there is doubt regarding the quality of site earths, the resistance to earth should be verified prior to any operation. When the truck is connected to a verified earth, the connection resistance between the truck and verified earth should not exceed 10 Ω for pure metallic connections or 1 MΩ for all other connections.

This requirement should be verified with a truck mounted earthing system or portable ohmmeter. The electrostatic suitability of the hoses used should also be verified in accordance with 7.7.3 or 9.3.3

API standard 2219: Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service

To eliminate the risk of static spark discharges the API standard 2219: Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service recommends that vacuum truck operators transferring flammable and combustible product in hazardous locations must fully ground the truck prior to any other task in the transfer operation by connecting the truck to a “proven ground source”.

The Earth-Rite MGV is designed to enable operators establish safe grounding of their vehicle in accordance with these recommended practices.

Advantages of Earth Rite MGV:

Static Earth Verification
Continuous Ground Verification
Two Output Contacts
Quick & Easy operation

Newson Gale MGV systems ensures Static Charges are dissipated through Portable verified earth rods (SWGKP1). MGV has Red and Green visual LED indications which informs the operator whether the truck has been grounded / not.

Pump Interlocking function embedded in MGV allows the system to stop the process in case the verified earth is missing or if the resistance of the Truck to verified grounding is more than 10 ohms.

Static Grounding Device

This allows the vacuum truck / road tanker to accumulate static charges and prevent explosion in event of potential static spark discharge.

Al Ghwasa has successfully commissioned and installed many MGV Systems for various truck contractors and have worked with Oil Majors in the region to include MGV to be installed on trucks accessing their site as part of HSE policy.

Static Grounding Device

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