15ppm Bilge Alarm (GBA-155)

GBA-155 Complying to IMO MEPC 107(49)

GBA-155 serves to continuously measure the concentration of oil in bilge and other waste water produced on a ship and produces alarm signal when oil concentration is 5 or 15 ppm

Measuring Range0-30 ppm
Measuring Accuracy15ppm +/-5 ppm ( IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49)
Set Point15 ppm
Response TimeTime Delay :0 second (Below 5 sec)
Alarm Contacts / RatingNormal / Alarm contacts
Source of ElectricityAC 100~ 220 V

Oil Content Meter Spares

DescriptionDrawing NumberPart Number
Sample TubeBA-G-02GBA-507
O-Ring for Sample TubeBA-G-02GBA-509
O-Ring for the CapBA-G-02GBA-510
Display Board with Front CoverBA-G-02GBA-501
Sensing ModuleBA-G-02GBA-502
Main BoardBA-G-02GBA-503

Georim GRB- Green Box

Georim Green Box records discharge information covering starting and ending dates and time of discharge, location, status and discharge volume , and in addition the duration of operation of the equipment Is included. We are authorized agents for GBA-155, Oily water separator, Georim, 15 ppm Bilge Alarm in Middle East.

Storage Information includes

Alarm Status

PPM Value

Volume of water discharged overboard.

Time and Date

GPS position

Oily Water Separators ( GRS Type)

Complying to IMO MEPC 107(49)

GRS-10EB1.0 m3/HR
GRS-20EB2.0 m3/HR
GRS-25EB2.5 m3/HR
GRS-50 EB5.0 m3/HR
GRS-100EB10.0 m3/HR

Oily Water Seprators (UST Type)

Complying to MEPC 60(33) regulations.

GRS-02EB0.2 m3/HR
GRS-03EB0.3 m3/HR
GRS-05EB0.5 m3/HR

Oily Water Separator Spares

DescriptionDrawing NumberPart Numbers
Sheet Packing (P.S.U)SP-10BGPH-039
Sheet Packing (E.T.U)SP-10BGPH-0321
Handhole PackingSP-10BGPH-0322
Coalescer Filter (P.S.U)SP-10BGPH-0319
Coalescer Filter (E.T.U)SP-10BGPH-0320

Electrical Spares

DescriptionDrawing NumberPart Numbers
Fuse ElementPN-44226GH-021
Fuse ElementPN-44226GH-022
AUX RelayPN-44226GH-023
Pilot lampPN-44226GH-024
Push ButtonPN-44226GH-025
Selector SwitchPN-44226GH-026
Fuse for OLDSP-100BGPH-0410

Bilge Pump Spares

DescriptionDrawing NumberPart Numbers
Upper V/V Fix BoltP-101B-0324 & 29
Lower V/V Fix BoltP-101B-0326
Valve SpringP-101B-0326
Valve RubberP-101B-0327
Piston V-PackingP-101B-0356
Cylinder Front Cover O-RingP-101B-0357

Oily Water Separators (POS Type)

Complying to MEPC60(33) Regulations.

Coalescer Filters

Bilge Pump (Piston Type)

Sludge Pump (Single Screw Pump / monotype)

Hydrophore Unit (GRH Series)

Sewage Treatment Equipment

15 ppm Bilge Alarm Saudi Arabia
15 ppm Bilge Alarm UAE
15 ppm Bilge Alarm Rotterdam
15 ppm Bilge Alarm Turkey
15 ppm Bilge Alarm Hong Kong
15 ppm Bilge Alarm India
15 ppm Bilge Alarm Singapore
Georim Saudi Arabia
Georim UAE