Service / Projects - Marine

Wheel House
Fire Detection Systems – Conventional & Addressable
Marine Auto Telephone Exchange Systems
Marine Clock Systems
Marine Public Address Systems
Cargo Control Room
Fixed & Portable Gas Detection Systems
WBT & Pump Room Gas Detection Systems
Oil Discharge Monitoring Systems MEPC 108
Load Calculation Softwares
Cargo Tank Level Gauging Systems
WBT Level Gauging Systems
Misc Tanks Gauging Systems
Pressure & Temperature Monitoring Systems
Pump Room Suction/ Discharge Transmitter Calibrations
Remote Valve Control Systems
FFE / LFA Equipment Services
Engine Room
15 ppm Bilge Alarms MEPC 107(49)
Oily Water Separators
Fresh Water Drain Tank 15 ppm Unit
Fresh Water Generators
Electro Pneumatic EPCO2 Systems
Sprinkler Alarm Systems
Fire Detection Systems
Bilge Level Switches
Remote Engine Control Systems

Service / Projects - Industrial

Static Ground Monitoring Systems
IECEx and NEC guidelines based Electrical Installations and Survey by competent ExAM Certified Technician and Supervisors
Gas Detection surveys and tests as well as customized solutions to meet client requirements
Vacuum Truck Ground Monitoring Installations and Testing
Air Quality Checks
Confined Space Entry Checks
Instrumentation Panels and Monitoring Systems
Tank Level Gauging Systems

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