MasterTrack 588

brannstrom uaeMasterTrack 588® is a bilge discharge monitor and alarm offering extra protection against excessive oil discharge from ships. Water with an oil content of less than 15 ppm is sent overboard. The amount of water pumped overboard together with the time and GPS coordinate is logged every 10 minutes. OBV close/open, alarms and door open/closed is also logged. The total amount of water pumped overboard and the total amount rejected is shown on the main screen (resettable).

Brannstrom Mastertrack 588

The 15 ppm bilge alarm, BilgMon 488®, the over board valve (OBV) and the communication unit, which logs all important data both electronically and on paper (option), are all enclosed in a locked cabinet. MasterTrack 588® is delivered with 3 high security keys to ensure non bypassing of system by unauthorized methods.

Mastertrack 588 is the latest addition to Brannstrom’s product profile for acting as a Black box installed between the bilge system and the overboard discharge pipe Mastertrack 588 constantly monitors the oil content in water pumped into the sea and prevents discharges if the levels are in excess limitations.

Additionally, it records all discharges, complete with oily water separator status, time of discharge, water amount and oil content. If connected to a GPS system (optional) the current position of the ship is registered as well. Data can be retrieved through a USB port or as a printout from the built in power.



To identify Vessel’s Position at the time of Discharge.


No Manipulation of Data and Proof to the Governing Bodies on Discharge.



Records Total Discharge Rate and Oil Content Controlling the Discharge.
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