NHE-OKI (Nippon Hakuyo Electronics) Marine Public Address system

The OHE-3500 series is usable not only for paging but also as various functioned central station to communicate on-board.

The OHE-3100, OHE-3200 series is equipped with analog amplifiers from output 50W to 150W, and there are built-in and desk, wall hangings type. It is connected to various devices by the needs and builds the system according to the demand.

Model Description
OHE-3150A 50W Main unit, desk wall type (C/P available)
OHE-3151A 50W Main unit, desk wall type (C/P available)
OHE-3166 100W Main unit, desk / wall type
OHE-3177 100W Main unit, desk / wall type
OHE-3167 50W Main amp. (without control panel)
OHE-3167A 100W Main amp (without control panel)
OHE-3310 150W Main unit with radio tuner & tape
OHE-3315 300~500W Main unit
OHE-3317 300~800W Main unit
OHE-3500 200~900W Main digital amp
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Marine PABX OAE-7200 Series

OAE-7200 series is a very compact & high-quality marine automatic telephone exchange used onboard ships.

OKI group is a pioneer in a marine telecommunications field and has always been developing state-of-the-art technologies based on the abundant past experiences and achievements delivered to the satisfaction of the most demanding requirements.

Model Capacity Telephone Number
OAE-7224 24 20~43
OAE-7232 32 20~51
OAE-7240 40 20~59
OAE-7248 48 20~67
OAE-7256 56 20~75
OAE-7264 64 20~83
OAE-7272 72 20~91
OAE-7280 80 20~99
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