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15ppm Bilge Alarm (GBA-155)

  • GBA-155 Complying to IMO MEPC 107(49)
  • GBA-155 serves to continuously measure the concentration of oil in bilge and other waste water produced on a ship and produces alarm signal when oil concentration is 5 or 15 ppm
Item Description
Measuring Range 0-30 ppm
Measuring Accuracy 15ppm +/-5 ppm ( IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49)
Set Point 15 pp
Response Time Time Delay :0 second (Below 5 sec)
Alarm Contacts / Rating Normal / Alarm contacts
Source of Electricity AC 100~ 220 V

Oil Content Meter Spares

Description Drawing Number Part Number
Sample Tube BA-G-02 GBA-507
Fuse BA-G-02 GBA-508
O-Ring for Sample Tube BA-G-02 GBA-509
O-Ring for the Cap BA-G-02 GBA-510
Wrench BA-F-02 GBA-511
Brush BA-G-02 GBA-512
Display Board with Front Cover BA-G-02 GBA-501
Sensing Module BA-G-02 GBA-502
Main Board BA-G-02 GBA-503

Georim GRB- Green Box

Georim Green Box records discharge informations covering starting and ending dates and time of discharge, location, status and discharge volume , and in addition the duration of operation of the equipment Is included.

Storage Information includes
  • Alarm Status
  • Time and Date
  • PPM Value
  • GPS position
  • Volume of water discharged overboard.

Oily Water Separators ( GRS Type)

  • Complying to IMO MEPC 107(49)
Model Capacity
GRS-10EB 1.0 m3/HR
GRS-20EB 2.0 m3/HR
GRS-25EB 2.5 m3/HR
GRS-50 EB 5.0 m3/HR
GRS-100EB 10.0 m3/HR

Oily Water Seprators (UST Type)

  • Complying to MEPC 60(33) regulations.
Model Capacity
GRS-02EB 0.2 m3/HR
GRS-03EB 0.3 m3/HR
GRS-05EB 0.5 m3/HR

Oily Water Separator Spares

Description Drawing Number Part Numbers
Sheet Packing (P.S.U) SP-10BGPH-03 9
Sheet Packing (E.T.U) SP-10BGPH-03 21
Handhole Packing SP-10BGPH-03 22
Coalescer Filter (P.S.U) SP-10BGPH-03 19
Coalescer Filter (E.T.U) SP-10BGPH-03 20

Electrical Spares

Description Drawing Number Part Number
Fuse Element PN-44226GH-02 1
Fuse Element PN-44226GH-02 2
AUX Relay PN-44226GH-02 3
Pilot lamp PN-44226GH-02 4
Push Button PN-44226GH-02 5
Selector Switch PN-44226GH-02 6
Fuse for OLD SP-100BGPH-04 10

Bilge Pump Spares

Description Drawing Number Part Number
Upper V/V Fix Bolt P-101B-03 24 & 29
Lower V/V Fix Bolt P-101B-03 26
Valve Spring P-101B-03 26
Valve Rubber P-101B-03 27
Piston V-Packing P-101B-03 56
Cylinder Front Cover O-Ring P-101B-03 57

Oily Water Separators (POS Type)

  • Complying to MEPC60(33) Regulations.

Coalescer Filters

Bilge Pump (Piston Type)

Sludge Pump (Single Screw Pump / monotype)

Hydrophore Unit (GRH Series)

Sewage Treatment Equipment

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