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The company started off as a marine equipment sales firm in the 1990’s and has diversified its activities into various fields like services, engineering, and control & instrumentation specialists.

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Al Ghwasa Technical Equipment Trading LLC

Al Ghwasa Technical Equipment Trading LLC is a marine automation and instrumentation solution firm. It was established in 1990 and has a good reputation in the marine industry with a strong relationship with its suppliers and maintaining its customers. This has been an important factor in the improvement of the firm’s structure right from 1990.

The company also offers its products and services to both local and international clients The engineers are deployed for installation and regular check-ups of the instruments. The frequent service update provides convenience to the customer and maintains the efficiency of the unit.

The service backup is available 24/7.

Quality and customer satisfaction is the top priority for the company and it is one of the policies that the company wishes to abide. As far as the trade division is concerned the spares and consumables are readily available off-the-shelf through a well maintained inventory.

The growth of the company in the U.A.E market is exponential and vital to the sustenance of the firm. Despite intense competition in this field, the technical and the management team works hand in hand to improve and grow in the market.

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