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Graphic Controls – TrekTag® NFC Temperature Data Logger


Track the quality of your shipment with the most unique, quick and safe way with the help of Graphic Control’s latest product TrekTag®.

TrekTag® Features

Perishable goods can spoil a supply or distribution channel. TrekTag® is a family of data logging products giving you quality and peace of mind to ensure your transit and storage environments have been maintained to your standards.Trektag®is a simple to use technology and doesn’t require much training.

  • Download the app from the Google Play store on your android device
  • Select from a preset profile or customize
  • Set up recording interval
  • Add shipment notes
  • Easily accessible platform for data management
  • Unique ID number allows for traceability through supply & distribution chain
  • Customized user profiles to allow and/or restrict access
  • Track scanned updates via programmable alerts
  • Printed battery technology gives long life without the bulkiness of a traditional battery
  • Allows the shipper to attach to the shipping container without the worry of separation in transit.
  • Activate/Read/Share shipment data from anywhere leverageing your current mobile device network
  • No P.C., Wi_Fi, proprietary scanner or USB docking station needed
  • Eliminate the need to return physical equiptment.
  • Does not contain any heavy metals

TrekTag® reports give detailed analysis of the following:

  • where the product has been.
  • what were the temperatures at the time of shipment?
  • has there been any excursions or has the product been kept out for long?

All of the above details can be viewed by the admin or the users in a PDF or CSV format with the help of a graph and logging interval data.

We’ve paired TrekTag® NFC with an easy-to-use smartphone application and a convenient cloud platform. This package provides a complete temperature data logging solution.

The app can be synced with the cloud account and every time the tag is scanned, the data is automatically synced with the cloud account (when Data or WIFI is available).

TrekTag® USB Temperature Data Logger

The TrekTag® USB Temperature Data Logger is a high quality and cost effective single-use temperature logger designed for use when transporting or storing perishable, refrigerated or frozen goods.



Easy to use,consistent operating procedure


Immediate visual notification of alarm events on data logger


Easily fits inside shipping cartoon with product packing


Connects via universal USB 2.0 Type A communication to generate PDF


Waterproof data logger for use within food safe factory packaging.


Compliant for transport of temperature sensitive goods


Accurate +/-.5 degrees


Standard transit times: 60 Dyas at 10 Minute Interval 30 Days at 5 Minute Interval Customer specific intervals available upon request

If you have enquiries regarding TrekTag® products, do contact Al Ghwasa on: